13 October 2009

Woo Knitting Mojo is back!

Leaving the knitting untouched has paid off, I am back and boy watch me go. I think it was helped by the fine array of wool I picked up while back in Dorset at the weekend. Knitted these quite easy hand warmers on the train back to Cardiff, finished them off with some buttons and also finished another knitted tube bag this time in green - with a black and white skull scarf strap and white toggle lovingly donated from my friend Ashli.

Once back in Cardiff got to work on another hand bag - this time with some lovely soft pastel Russian Doll fabric, another item I picked up from crafty shop in Dorset.

I used the cut offs to make a pocket and a Russian Doll key ring to add to the hand bag, which I backed with the same yellow fabric I had used for the bag lining. I also added a little pink ribbon to attach and I popped some lavender into the keyring before sewing up.

Just need to give it a quick iron and it is ready to sell.
Today before work I had time to make a spicy carrot soup and a coffee and walnut cake using the walnuts my mum sent me home with from her garden.

Om nom nom nom.

This week I have paintings to do and to wait patiently for an arrival of material from the US.

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