08 October 2009

Phew bunting done...now for something new.

WOOOoOoooOoooo finally finished 50 whole meteres of bunting for http://swnfest.co.uk/site/
so now I have no more to do other than to get back to hand bag making...yay!
This is one I did last night, using the material left from a dress I am making at my Dress Making Course: it has a pink and white spotty lining, with a matching flower brooch and dark brown plastic handles.

Here are some more of the bags I have made, sewn, knitted: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=113894&id=510984961&l=dcf665d3dd
Last night I also had to get something done for my Dad's birthday - I decided to stick with the jammie dodger recipe but adapted it by making a custard cream filling. (ie. just add a spoonful of custard powder in with the icing sugar). Then careful cut out the letters to spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...mmm tasty birthday treat!
Today's to do list:
Think of 5 crafty questions.
Go and get drunk with my sister.
Hand over the bunting...will be sad to see it go.
Tomorrow: Sort out Craftzine with Helen http://recycled-with-love.com/

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