18 January 2010

Pinny for Twinny

I have finally got round to making a pinny for twinny!
Picked up a meter of red and white polka dot material and without a pattern made this:
The pinny has a little pocket and a frill edge with a generous red tie and a matching bag for storage. I like the retro feel of the pinny and also it matches twinnys cake stand and cake tins.
This pinny was pretty fun, quick and easy to sew. If I make more I think I shall have to make a pattern so I don't waste any fabric. Although I did manage to make two out of the 1 meter I purchased.
I've also finished off the bag I started over Christmas. I used the same pattern as I had before for the smaller bags but just used bigger needles.
I added knitted hearts, a red zip and a denim lining.
Once I get round to it I will list it for sale here.
Here is a beret I knitted on my first attempt with round knitting needles, I used a lovely ball of wool twinny got me - but ran out towards the end so cheated and threaded the last of the wool through the remaining stitches and pulled tight, resulting in a pretty neat round at the top.

Lovely stuff.
Last week was the start of dress making phase 2, in which I have begun a wrap around dress. Already done in one class what I did in 3 during the winter term which is good stuff. Hoping to make a petticoat and to find an inspiring pattern which will test what I have learnt so far.
This week I have started a bag for twinny and *finally* the ties for the Metson-Kane wedding.
I have also been very inspired to learn to crochet after seeing these amazing projects:

06 January 2010

Snow go in Wales.

Today I soldiered into work hoping the doors would be closed and I could head back home for a cup of tea and Jeremy Kyle, no such luck. So here I am at work, writing this blog, as lets face it, no one else is doing any work.
Have been adding a few of my bits to my shop here: http://http//www.folksy.com/shops/boozyfloozydesigns
And knitting away. Finished another knitted bag in a purple wool which I lined with pink fabric and added a pink zip and buttons

I like the design of this bag and also had some of the wool left so knitted up a third one using larger needles, making a big bags. Just need to add a zip and lining, here it is so far:

If my sister is reading this I think I would like a digital camera for my birthday, the phone on camera is rubbish.

Oh I also made a cup and saucer out of some spare material I had:

Home time now, off to build rude snowmen and then after soup will make a start on the ties for the Metson-Kane wedding.
Happy snow time everyone.