02 October 2009

Me me me!

My name is Charlotte and I live in Cardiff, Wales. The pretty, sunny, mainly rainy capital of Wales. I have started this blog as I wanted to share the things I love making and doing. I work full time but in my spare evenings and weekend I like to paint, sew, knit, bake, generally do crafty things. My last obsession is bags currently sewn and knitted and reusing old t-shirts:

I have also been busy making bunting and some masks for a friends brothers birthday. Although my beared boy has put a ban on bag making until I sell at least one (apparently making them for my lookey likey doesn't count!). Though this will have to wait until I get some decent photos of them. For now I will just have to go back to knitting. A friend who runs a craft shop wants some of my goods to stock and another friend wants some wintery knitted goodness from the knitting needles of doom for the market she organises.

Before I go off the point, this blog is for ME and anyone who is interested in the tat I make and the things I do to keep me entertanied (at the moment that's): gigs, chili growing, baking and making. I will try and keep it entertaining with lots of pretty things to look at and my general shit chatting.

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