01 October 2009

Busy busy bunting making!

So last night I managed to make 25 whole meters of pink bunting for the Cardiff Swn Festival. This is all very exciting as I'm a big fan of the curator Huw Stephens and Swn Festival and so very happy to help them. And they want it in PINK - it is like a dream...so I got sewing...

Once I had finished, I decided just to check they were A OK so put them up around my room. Was a bit of a shock when I woke up and saw them. Only another 25 meters to go.

In other news, my office gardening is going well with my chili plant having a 2nd wind. See that bad boy on the left of the first photo, think I will keep that one for the bearded one and his chili beer. After trying some he wanted to make his own. We simply got a cheap bottle of lager opened it carefully popped a little chili in, put the top back on and left in the fridge for a bit. Was just as nice and hot as the one we had bought but much cheaper. Also have been drying the chilis. Exciting!

Pub Music Quiz tonight. Think we should call our team the Scouse Africans* after Wikus in the film District 9.

*My lookey likey coined that phrase!

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  1. Lookey likie blog!! I'm throughly enjoying this!