20 October 2009

Cassette Tape Hand Bag, my favourite so far.

Last night I made a bag out of the material I found on ebay. I love this material, it has great colours and has converted into a hand bag really well and it is ruddy well cassette tapes - WINNER!

I used some black plastic handles and a dark blue cotton for the lining and made a matching key ring and inside pocket. I also gave this bag a flat bottom which adds more room to the bottom and so it will sit up when placed down. More exciting bags to follow.
Out of the cut offs I made some extra cassette tape key rings, I also made some little moustache brooches from pink and black felt and finished off some more hand warmers:

Dress Making course needs to speed up, 5th week and not nearly finished dress, will try and get as much of dress done over half term break. Now I have seen Cassette Tape fabric I would love to make a dress out of it. AMAZING!
This week to do: Make more pretty bags
Decided on Christmas Card Design/Idea and ruddy stick with it.
Enjoy Swn Festival.

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