05 October 2009

Argh it is times like these that I am glad I can bake!

On several different occassions over the weekend I have started a new knitting project, another bag which will be a long over the shoulder affair with a ribbed top which can be folded down over the top or kept up, everytime I have had to restart it, so on realising I have lost my knitting mojo (temporarily I hope) I have decided to stay away from the knitting needles of doom for a while.
So made some homemade Jammie Dodgers...mmm.

Then on Saturday I popped to Newport where I set up a stall in the ace venue Le Pub, have great memories of seeing British Sea Power there some years ago. Met some lovely girls who were selling there handmade jewellery and clothes.

After a VERY slow start I sold a handbag and a painting, which was good, although next time will bake some of the jammie dodger biscuits to take and sell.

Dress Making course this evening. Although the course has been slow to start, hoping to have at least a dress and a jacket complete by the 10 weeks, but we shall see.

Ta ra!

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