03 March 2010

Far too busy making and doing to blog about what I have been making and doing...

...so here are some pictures and a little description of what I have made over the last month:
ipod cover made from some lovely bright bird fabric and tea time fabric, first attempt went wrong as put the headphone hole on the wrong side. Second attempt was much more successful.
Time for Tea Tie Bag. Love this fabric and would love enough to make a skirt, but a little pricey.

Casio watch, my strap on my favourite watch broke so I made it into a brooch. Winner. Worn like a nurses watch and I can always see the time/date.
Volume/tone badge brooches. Looks ace on my pink duffel coat.

Yay ties for the Metson-Kane wedding. Made 7 of these. Just the hankies to go now.

My pretty friend Ash found this amazing vintage/retro fabric in a charity shop. I have made a couple of cushions and covered a canvas with it.

Knitting Needle Bangles! I love wearing these!
Armed with a saucepan of boiling water and a pair of rubber gloves, I made these bangles.

Continuing the melted plastic theme I put lots of redundant 12" vinyls to use my making bowls and bookends.

I love buttons and am very envious of my Mum's tin of buttons, so I am slowly building up my collection. With some recently I decorated these hair clips.

I have been super efficient and already made a present for my Mum for Mother's Day. This is a very frilly flowery pinny with matching bag, with the pinny can be stored in when my Mum is not baking up a storm in the kitchen.
This bag is made from an old pair of jeans and has a buttoned up over the shoulder strap, three front pockets, two one side and a denim jean pocket on the other. It also have an orange zip and flowery lining and a denim inside pocket.

This canvas is covered is scraps of fabrics I have collected over the year. It is quite a pretty effect and also a way of using up old canvases and scraps of fabric.
Phew you made it through. That is pretty much what I have made over the last month.