07 October 2009

Bunting Connoisseur - Apparently!

Woo last night I nearly finished the 50m of pink bunting for Swn Festival! Being a nice flat mate I decided not to use my sewing machine after 11pm, so just a bit left to do once I have picked up a mended Sebastien the bike this evening.
With sleep not forthcoming last night I decided to make use of all the cut offs I had left from the nice material I had used to make my bags:
The canvas are quite small at 20x20cm, but look quite pretty and will be good Christmas Stocking fillers.
Dress Making Course Week #3 - Laid pattern - got to cut fabric and did tailor tacs. Winner hoping to have a dress made by week #5 and then can start a winter jacket, with a retro cut.

Left on the "To Do" list this week:
Make a bag for a friends birthday
Finish bunting
Make some more jammie dodgers - smaller this time and maybe with a custard cream filling. Mmm.
Start bunting to sell! Winner.

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