15 February 2011

Lemon & White Chocolate Cakes.

This is a recipe I attempted the other day and the cakes were so tasty I thought it would be rude not to share:

Lemon & white chocolate cakes.
Makes 12ish.

You will need:

A mixing bowl, wooden spoon, scales, sieve, cake tray, pretty cake cases, grater, lemon squeezers (or a clean hand), dessert spoon, cooling rack.

100g Butter/Marg
100g Sugar
2 Eggs
150g Self Raising Flour
1 Unwaxed Lemon - juice will be used for cake and icing.
100g White Chocolate

25g Butter/Marg
100g Icing Sugar

Making the cakes:
Line the cake tray with the cake cases and pre heat the oven at gas mark 5/180 degrees Celsius.

Start by beating the 100g butter/marg in the bowl into smooth.
Add the sugar and mix.

Break the eggs into a separate bowl, making sure there is no shell, pour into the mixing bowl.

Sieve 100g of the self raising flour into the mixing bowl.

Wash the lemon and using the small holes on a grater, grate the yellow rind of the lemon into the bowl.

Cut the lemon in half, keep one half for the cake icing, using the other half squeeze the juice into a bowl, making sure any pips are removed.
Pour juice into the mixing bowl.
Chop the white chocolate into small piece and pop into the bowl.

Mix and sieve remaining 50g of self raising flour into the bowl.
Mix together, until no flour can be seem left and the only lumps are the white chocolate.

With a dessert spoon, spoon the mixture into the cake cases.

Place tray in the oven for 15 minutes, until cakes are golden and fluffy to touch.

Remove cakes from tray and place on a cooling rack.

Once cool, prepare the icing:
Beat 25g of butter/marg until smooth, sieve in half of the icing sugar.

Using the remaining half of the lemon and squeeze the juice into a separate bowl, making sure any pips are removed.
Mix and add the rest of the icing sugar.
If the icing seems too runny add some more icing sugar.
Spoon the icing onto each cake and smooth over, no need to be too neat, as they will be tasty however they look.

Leave the icing to set.
Put on the kettle, make a pot of tea.
Settle down with a cuppa and cake.


  1. mmmm these look yummy! There is a great recipe for raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake in the Green and Blacks cook book. I made these the other day http://www.fatfrocks.com/2011/01/great-british-bake-off.html soooo easy to make and they look great x

  2. Ooh nice!
    I am slowly working my way through the Great British Bake Off book.