30 January 2011

It's been a while.

Nearly six months since my last blog. Tut tut.
In that time though I have finished my job of eight years and been half way around the world aka whenIwastravelling - said in a whiney voice) and spent a lot of money.

So, I am now back at home with the folks and unemployed. I love it. The time off that is but defo missing the bright lights and friends in the city.

Sorry, right, back to the matter in hand. This blog is for the things I have made and so here are the things from 2011 so far, most of which will be for sale on folksy:

Pink tutu. Age 1-2 year old.


Cassette Tape wallet for my little brother.

I love this fabric and had often picked up a few fat quarters on ebay, but it was never quite enough, so when I found some in America I got a few meters and made this dress, originally not for me, but when it fitted so perfect, I just had to keep it.

This knitted pouffe from Pickles has been on my to-do-list for a while, but the pattern said it needed 18 balls of wool, I finally managed to find 18 balls of wool which all matched and got started. It was with massive needles so was quick to do and in the end only took four balls. I now have 15 balls of grey wool. Might make some more pouffes.

Large jigsaw cushion.

When I picked up this Elvis fabric I couldn't wait to use it to make a dress and here it is.

My Mum dug out some dress patterns which she got in the 70s, here is the results of one of the girl dress patterns. For 1-2 year olds.

Still cross stitching, here is one for my friends club night and one for Mollie.

My to-do-list keeps getting bigger.
I have dresses to finish and a few to make and also lots and lots of bunting. I also want to finish a shrug I am knitting so I can start a new project with some green and pink glittery wool I have found. I also want to make a pom pom rug.
That is all.

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