15 February 2011

As seen on TV.

I will start with a dress I made for twinny.
This is a Simplicity pattern from their 1950s collection.
I had a call from twinny DEMANDING a new dress, I made her this on evening and yesterday she wore it to the Brits, I did not see my dress on the telly. Boo.
She likes it so much I am now making her a second one.

I liked the cut of the dress so much I made myself one.
This dress has a grey pencil shirt with a pink and white polka dot top.
This dress has been on the telly. Yay!

A friend recently handed me a bag which contained a greasy pair of mechanical overalls. He asked if I could turn it into a jacket and line it with fluffy yellow fabric.
Here is the result:

After accidentally sewing up the pockets, I have since added two more.

With the left over yellow fluff I made him a cushion.

Cross stitch, I like to cross stitch and here are so of the little ones:

Ah Ha for all good Partridge fans.


FUCK YEAH! Indeed.

Especially when I have cake!


Here is some bunting I hsve made, all from leftover bits of fabric

These are some girls dresses I made from a pattern my Mum gave me, it was an original one from 1970

I picket the bright spotty fabric.

I love the small spotty fabric, especially the one on the left

Next blog:
More things I have made and two knitting pattens.

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