05 July 2010

Tote bags & other things...

I have an abundance of tote bags, they are so handy and as we all know much better than plastic bags, I always make sure there is one in my handbag ready for when I go to the shops. So I purchased some plain tote bags to decorate.
The only idea I had in mind was a crafty theme, but after a bit like most plans I changed my mind, here are some of them:

Pop Art girl with Speech Bubble "LOLZ", as I explained to the guy at work: retro prints with a modern twist. Or some crap like that.

This one is double sided speech bubble LOLZ/SKILLZ.

Theses ones are pop art girl with red lips and a BLAH BLAH speech bubble.

The tea time tote design is appliqued on.
Each tote bag measures:
42cm H x 37cm W
Handle length: 67cm
Each bag is for sale £4 incl postage, request welcome.
In other news:
I made another dress, woo.
This one is halter neck with a rounded lined skirt.
The fabric is black with pink polka dots and lined with pink.

When I was in London I picked up this pretty red and white striped bead, makes a great pendant. Also in black and white stripes.

With the odd bits of hungry caterpillar fabric left over I whizzed up a purse

and matching bag. YAY!

That is it for now, I think.

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