10 December 2009

Bits and bobs and finishing touches.

The problem with having a blog about the crafty things I make and do is keeping up-to-date with it, or being so busy making and doing, forgetting to show off all the pretty things I have made. So here, as briefly as I can are the things I have managed to make recently:
Above is just a small knitted bag I knitted up over a few evenings in, once done and made up I added a yellow zip and buttons, it is quite small but looks quite cute and I have already been asked for one in purple.
Quick Knits from this week have been the knitted bow brooch and another pair of red and grey hand warmers which I did while selling my crafty things at the market in Milgi's, Cardiff.

I have also managed to finish a leaf scarf I was working on, this scarf drapes around the neck and with the hole on one end tucks neatly in.
This scarf took ages, but I am already thinking about different variations with bigger needles for it to knit up quicker.
And it doesn't at all look like a penis when out straight. Chuckle Chuckle.
I also finally got round to finishing the patch work bag. I added grey buttons on the front and lined it with a soft denim material. Looks very pretty and would make a lovely shoulder bag.
With the rain pouring outside and the insomnia calling I managed to finally managed to get round to making my little brother a tie out of some ghetto blaster and cassette tape material.
All practice for when I start making the ties for the Metson-Kane wedding.
This week:
I have used rounded knitting needles for the first time, must remember to make sure row doesn't get twisted.
Started a snood or 2.
Started some paintings and also managed to wreck one while trying to transport it on my bike.

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