24 November 2009

Time Consuming!

I keep picking new projects to do - which have been very time consuming. I recently knitted up this patch bag took me 4 whole evening. I like the colour combination, the back is stripy. Just got to line it and add some grey buttons I picked up. I am also working on a leaf scarf which is nearly done and started another bag, which I can see taking a while.

I made this cake stand recently, cost me 80 whole pence. The top glass has since gone, this was a super quick project with plates and glasses from local charity shop. Lets just hope the glue holds when piled with cake...mmm.

I also quickly knitted up these hand warmers for my little brother; they are proper man sized as he has big old hands. The pattern is pretty easy.
For medium sized hand warmers I just use some 4.5mm needles and double knit £1 a ball from the market wool.

CO 40
Row 1: K1, P2, K2 (cont. with P2, K2) until last stitch K1
Row 2: P1, K2, P2 (cont. with K2, P2) until last stitch P1
Repeat until you have 20 rows, adding in stripes where you fancy on even rows.
Now Stocking Stitch for 20 rows
Knit one Row
Purl one Row.
Then to rib the top of the hand warmers repeat Row 1 and row 2 for 5 rows and then cast off, leaving long tail to sew up seams, right sides together, remembering to leave a gap for your thumb.

I also recently made a chocolate and chili cake; with some tiny chilis I was given, it was an amazing cake, Jamie "cotton mouth" Oliver's recipe.

Christmas cards are done!
Just 2 paintings to finish, one to start and a bag to knit up.

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