02 February 2010

Pinny and pincushions!

I was so happy with the pinny for twinny I made, I seem to have become a pinny connoisseur!
I have now made a 2nd one from the scraps of fabric from dress making and a third in the the same red and white polka dot fabric.
The latest one I have made is part of a: "How to make a pinny guide" which I am slowly compiling. Which will include step-by-step pictures and a pattern to scale (hopefully).
I have now been to 14 dress making classes, surly I must be a professional by now. No. What? Ok. Boo! If I have learnt anything from these 28 hours, it is the invaluable use of a pincushion. They are great and save you from a gob full of pins.
So I set about making one, oh and then two and three.

I have kept the middle pink one for me.
All of them have velcro straps and so you look just like those people of Project Runway (or so my boss says!).
The other two are now on sale here:

Recently I have also made a new bag for my crafty guinea pig aka tester twinny, I used an old pair of cord trousers and the fabric left over from her pinny:

Thumbs up so far.
Not bad for first try and got the zip done with no too many problems.
This week:
I am thinking about vinyl bookends, knitting needle bangles and a use for fabric with teapots all over it.
Lovely stuff.

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