21 May 2010

Sew and Sew Blogger

No blog for nearly two months. Tut tut to me.

My normal excuse is that I have been too busy making and doing, this time is the same but I have also been having loads of fun going to gigs, ATPeee and Primavera in Barcelona!

So here, is some of the bits and bobs I have made over the last two month:

An A for Ashli, must try harder B+ she wants eyes on it. No it's no a neck rest. Haha!
Some more button hair clips. A red one for twinny.
I found these feathers in among lots of crafty things so turned them into earrings, I also had some plates still hanging around so picked up a sherry glass and made another cake stand. Mmm just need to fill it with cakes.
I've got a whole cupboard full of bags, stuffed to the brim with scraps of fabrics. So used some to make a pink Rosette brooch and a elephant for my new niece, Harriet May Kathryn.
I picked this cat bead up in a little good find craft shop in Bristol. Popped in on a chain and made a lovely, original necklace. I love playing scrabble so turned a found tile in to a pedant. 3 points for C YAY this sits on a chain with a tea pot brooch I found on http://folksy.com !

I loved the "time for tea" fabric I found on ebay and had enough left over to make a top for twinny. I am pretty excited as I was shown how to do smocking the other day.

"Make today, wear tomorrow" an amazing retro pattern twinny found for me. I did indeed: "Make today wear tomorrow" I liked the one I made twinny (on the left) so much, that I made myself one the very next day.
I got this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/S-E-W-Everything-Workshop-Diana-Rupp/dp/0761139737/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275409847&sr=8-1 a few months back after looking through my friends copy. It is great and I've picked up loads of tips and it comes with about 10 patterns, including one for these wrap around skirt and one for a cape! Amazing!

My sister asked if I would make her and a friend some superhero costumes so they could take part in the world record attempt of most people dressed as, you've guessed it: SUPERHEROES!
I made a Wonder Woman costume and a Bananaman one.

Still Liking the "Time for tea fabric" I made twinny a Knitting Needle Wrap, to match the top. Of course.
A red and white polka dot apron, with bag for my sister.
I got this pink and black checked material for the cape I made, having some left I made this bag. Looks nice but needs some tidying up, but not bad for my first attempt.
A t-shirt into a halterneck. Yay.
So that is it for now. Will try and get back on the blogging, so will not be as long next time!
Thanks for taking a look!