21 July 2010

More stuff I have made...

For ages I have been thinking of doing some cross stitch again, I say again but it was almost 20 years ago when I last did it and then I think it was some dogs for my mum which she later rejected.
So with this memory deep rooted inside here are some recent attempts:
The Boo Fucking Hoo one is ace and often something I want to shout at whingey friends.

This one is for twinny and her flat.
Talking of twinny, she recently got engaged on hearing the news the first thing I did was buy a shit load of bias binding from ebay. 1200m of it and started making bunting. I ruddy love bunting. The plan for the wedding is to have a party in a field, decorated with lots and lots of bunting. Here is what I have done so far:
not even made a dent in the 1200m.

It was my weird obsession of bunting which inspired this tote bag:

I also got to use up lots of scraps of fabrics.
I went for a wander near where I live and came across this amazing wool (will find out the name) It was brilliant and in amazing colours. Although it is not cheap I picked up 2 balls, each making one scarf each, which is long enough to double over and wrap round your neck.
This is in great Autumnal colours.

This is in lots of different pinks, which reminds me of my hair.
I am going to carry on with the cross stitch and bunting for now and will try and get a dress done for twinny.
Thanks for looking and I will be back again soon with more things I have made.

05 July 2010

Tote bags & other things...

I have an abundance of tote bags, they are so handy and as we all know much better than plastic bags, I always make sure there is one in my handbag ready for when I go to the shops. So I purchased some plain tote bags to decorate.
The only idea I had in mind was a crafty theme, but after a bit like most plans I changed my mind, here are some of them:

Pop Art girl with Speech Bubble "LOLZ", as I explained to the guy at work: retro prints with a modern twist. Or some crap like that.

This one is double sided speech bubble LOLZ/SKILLZ.

Theses ones are pop art girl with red lips and a BLAH BLAH speech bubble.

The tea time tote design is appliqued on.
Each tote bag measures:
42cm H x 37cm W
Handle length: 67cm
Each bag is for sale £4 incl postage, request welcome.
In other news:
I made another dress, woo.
This one is halter neck with a rounded lined skirt.
The fabric is black with pink polka dots and lined with pink.

When I was in London I picked up this pretty red and white striped bead, makes a great pendant. Also in black and white stripes.

With the odd bits of hungry caterpillar fabric left over I whizzed up a purse

and matching bag. YAY!

That is it for now, I think.